Here are a few creepy edits from “Incantation” and “Wraith” just for Halloween!

I was inspired by both the movie and the cartoon Beetlejuice to push myself into a character that is opposite end of the spectrum from myself. Beetlejuice is such a disgusting character in every sense of the word so I’m proud that I stepped outside my comfort zone. Plus I’m happy with the result. I knew I was doing it right when the photographer Haley Marie Gallagher and MUA Molly Sarah couldn’t keep themselves from laughing. 🙂


“Wraith” (for Dye Magazine) – a ghost or ghostlike image of someone, especially one seen shortly before or after their death. Pick up your copy here: Pick up your copy here: Photo by Haley Marie Gallagher MUA: Molly Sarah/Noesen


“Incantation”, a gothic fall themed set in Imiragemagazine magazine. Pick up yours here:

Photos by Haley Marie Gallagher
MUA: Molly Sarah


Pick up the latest issue of Philocaly Mag to benefit breast cancer awareness featuring me and RicardoAndres Romero!



Alice’s Tea Party Trip Set
Photos by Magnum
Mad Hatter – Belle Luna


Check out my recent shoot with my 04 Subaru Impreza with touches of pink of course!
Photos by Paul Meyer

Let’s Race!


It just so happens that Elan Vital Magazine picked up my “Sugar Rush” sprinkle set as well!
Buy your own copy here:


Another busy weekend for this model. Molly Sarah of Makeup by Molly and I teamed up with Haley Marie, Fine Art Photography to work on some dark and spooky shots for magazines in October. Shooting enough for 2 magazines in 1 afternoon makes for some tired girls. But we are very happy with the results!

My feature in Delicious Dolls Pinup Magazine came out!
(Photo by Nicholas Stark Photography)
You can by your copy here:

Also, Kulture Magazine’s Steampunk issue landed.
Featuring “Alice’s Tea Party Trip” with Belle Luna and Photos by Magnum.
You can buy your copy here:


New Pinup Set with romeroqphotography
Featured mermaid Belle Luna

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Labor Day weekend so full of amazingness!
Kicked off with a rockabilly calendar shoot in which I got to meet lots of amazing models and have a great time.

All models have been entered into a contest for the calendar cover. You can vote for me (please!) by visiting and liking my photo. Thank you!

Keep and eye on my shop for the calendar to be available for purchase soon!

Wrapping up the weekend with a poolside pinup and underwater shoot.
There may have been mermaids involved. 😉

This week is also off to a great start with the release of my “Sugar Rush” set in Sarta magazine.
Pick up your copy here:
Thanks to my team, Haley Gallagher and Nicholas Drake.

Keep and eye out for more magazine releases in September! xoxo


Beau NU Magazine released their September Water Issue today!

I jumped into a murky green lake at 2am not knowing how deep it was or what lies beneath the surface BUT like all unknowns in life, jump in and figure it out. I made friends with lots of snails lurking in the muddy bottom. 🙂
Thank you for my amazing team! Congrats to you too!
You can buy your digital copy of this issue here